Fall is the season for bright orange pumpkins, crisp sunny days, and, well, the children’s favourite: Halloween. It is a season that beckons you to step out of your doors and experience the fun that is waiting just for you.

But are you a little confused about which is the best place to spend your fall weekends? Well, then, Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm may just be the place that you were looking for. Known around the Amarillo, TX for its fall tradition (that it has been celebrating for more than a decade), Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm is the destination for unlimited fun.

Take your entire family

The farm is especially popular with families as it provides a unique opportunity to have fun and bond over the widest range of activities. Whatever may be the age of your kids, they are all sure to have fun here as the events are planned in such a way that there is something to offer for every age group. Well, it’s not just the kids who have fun here - even the adults equally enjoy spending their time in the various attractions of the farm.


Range of Activities:

There is an unlimited range of activities that you may enjoy during your time at Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm. But the most popular ones are of course the pumpkin patches from where you may select and pick up your own pumpkins. Carve out your Halloween lanterns in these pumpkins or come up with your special pumpkin recipes.

  • Take joy rides with your kids on hay tractors to the wagon trail rides and the cow trains.
  • Let your kids amuse themselves with the various games such as the duck racing and pedal cars.
  • Be on your toes and keep jumping on the jumping pillows and the giant jump pads. Let the explorer inside come out as you go for an ultimate adventure among their giant corn maze!
  • Enjoy the view from the Golden Goat Bridge and let your children slide down the mountain slides.

All the activities that have been listed here require no special passes or tickets and are covered within the entry ticket itself; In fact, as many as 30 different activities are included within the entry ticket so that you can have all the fun that you want without a care in the world!

Enjoy Delicious Foods

If you are hungry after all the rides do not worry as the Maxwell Pumpkin Farms have you covered for that as well. Enjoy a wide variety of their farm fresh delicious foods which are sold at their food stand at attractive prices.


What should you carry?

Since you are out to enjoy an activity filled day under the sun, it is always better to equipped with the necessary tools. Put on your sun shades and carry your sunscreen and hats. Since farm lands can be all bumpy and a little rough, it is always advisable to put on the most comfortable shoes that will allow you to have all the fun. So book your tickets today and let the fun begin!

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